LeftSide-RightSide is a game company out to improve language skills in everyone.  Our goal is to teach people to love language, build cultural literacy, and succeed in school and business.  We produce educational language games and aids for both children and adults. We’re adamant about providing accessible educational materials that are fun, and that encourage critical thinking, rather than the collection of dull facts lacking in context and relevance. Learning (and retention!) happens naturally when players engage with the material, and play through it multiple times.

We encourage you to use your whole brain to learn at LeftSide-RightSide; not only should you be learning facts and concepts with your ‘logical’ left neural hemisphere (we’re grossly simplifying here), but you should be tying them to broader notions with your more ‘contextual’ right brain. Whole-brain learning is our wheelhouse, and we want it to be yours, too!

Each of our games aligns with dozens of Common Core Standards, and we believe they belong in the classroom, the home, and the home classroom.  Literacy and numeracy have been linked with increased individual economic output, and it’s difficult to even conceive of scientific literacy without a basis of verbal literacy.  For that reason, as well as the dozens of science-related concepts explored in our games, we’re proud to call our games STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) products.

Meet Our Games

Hit-or-Myth-Game-Box-CoverHit or Myth is the uproarious who-am-I card game that will make players go gaga for sagas, freak out over Greek, and start planning pyramid schemes! The game teaches players about four different mythologies: Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and American. Understanding mythology is vital to understanding our language and culture: much of English-language literature is laced with references to mythology, and those ancient stories inform the way we see ourselves today. Ages 12 and up.

Smarticulation-English-vocabulary-language-gameSmarticulation ™ Language Edition I – With Smarticulation™, you’ll learn to express yourself intelligently by improving your vocabulary, style, grammar, and literary knowledge, and have fun too! This language game will help you think critically about the way you express yourself in everyday writing and speaking. You’ll find you know a lot more about language than you think you do! Challenge yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues to express yourselves intelligently. Ages 12 and up

WordFrolic-Village-Idiom-language-comprehension-gameWord Frolic! Village Idiom ™ I – Word Frolic! Village Idiom™ I is a fifty-two-card pick-me-up for your language skills that takes the mystery out of metaphors. It’s a zany, pun-filled card game that teaches English-language idioms and hard-to-understand expressions, as well as their origins.  Challenge your family, friends, and colleagues to this charming skill-building language game. Ages 12 and up

Now available also as an iPad app!

Download Word Frolic Village Idiom App

Keep your eyes peeled for more LeftSide-RightSide games! We have lots of games in the hopper and are here to help you — Laugh. Learn. Light up your language!

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NB*: All LeftSide-RightSide information has been painstakingly researched. If you have a question or concern please feel free to contact me on FacebookTwitter, or Artie@LeftSide-RightSide.com. *NB stands for nota bene, and means note well in Latin.