Fantastic News – We Won an Award!

Artie Q. PebbletonExciting News!, State-of-The-Site

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s true!  Word Frolic! Village Idiom is the proud recipient of a Parents’ Choice Foundation award.  We received a “recommended” seal from them on October 18th of this year.   We’re so excited and proud, and we’re going to keep on plugging away at new games.  Here’s to you, Parents’ Choice Foundation!  Here’s hoping we impress you … Read More

Ask Artie #6 – Waffling.

Artie Q. PebbletonAsk Artie, Linguistics!

Artie, Do you know whether the word “waffle” – which, according to, means “to speak or write equivocally” or “to talk foolishly or without purpose; idle away time talking” – has, or has ever had, anything to do with the type of waffles we eat? suggests that the origin of the word came from “waff” – to wave … Read More