Why idioms?

Artie Q. PebbletonLinguistics!

Why idioms, anyway?  What’s so important about them? I’ll be returning to this, I assure you.  We’ll be exploring the nature of figurative language.  But let’s start with this: Well, first of all, they’re everywhere.  You can’t swing a dead cat (there’s one!) without hitting an idiom, because you scarcely utter a sentence without using one.  There’s no escape from … Read More

A hearty hello from your humble host

Artie Q. PebbletonFiction, State-of-The-Site

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the blog!  I’ll be using this space to give you updates about the games, where they’re being sold at brick-and-mortar retail operations, and musings about grammar, English language culture, and my multifarious other interests, like playing the ukulele and keeping bees. A little bit about me: my name is Arthur Quentin Pebbleton, and I’m from the … Read More