Word Frolic! Village Idiom™ I


The Language Game that Takes the Mystery out of Metaphors!

Word Frolic! Village Idiom™ I is a shot in the arm for your language comprehension.

WordFrolic Parents Choice Recommended

Winner of the 2012 Parents’ Choice Foundation Recommended Seal

Idioms crop up all over the place, and, to the uninitiated ear, they can sound quite confusing.  Why is it bad to be in hot water?  Taking a bath doesn’t have a bad connotation!  Do you really have murderous intentions if you dress to kill?  Village Idiom I aids in your understanding of idiomatic language, and can get you on the road to academic and business achievement – just complete its challenges and take your first steps on the path out of befuddlement.

Village Idiom I not only instructs players in the idioms of English, but introduces fun and essential STEM concepts as well, like oceanography, geography, and chemistry.  In addition, this game corresponds to many Common Core standards related to Language Arts, vocabulary, and, of course, idioms.

Spark inspired discussions, learn fabulous new things, and uncover the secrets of common English expressions.  A great game for both old fogies and spring chickens, as well as ESL students!

Ages 12 and up

Have a Closer Look

In Word Frolic! Village Idiom I, you fill in the blank with the appropriate idiom – if you get it right, you’ll get a groan-worthy pun for your efforts. In Standard Play, the Reader reads the multiple choice options from the answer back aloud. In Advanced play, the players have to fill in the blank without any help. Give it a try!

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